Are you tired of feeling out of control? Or tired of feeling overwhelmed and frustrated? Or just tired of feeling tired?

Some part of you knows that life shouldn’t have to be this hard but you can't figure out how to break the cycle.

Maybe you just want a decent night’s sleep.

Maybe you just want to stop panicking.

Maybe you just want to stop the pain.

Maybe you just want to feel anything instead of nothing.

Or maybe you just want to feel like living is better than dying.

And you probably haven’t given yourself much credit for how hard you've been fighting. And how many days you have gotten up to face it all again. Even when you didn't want to.

And you probably don't count all the hours and months and years that you worked on goals to change, or quit, or grow. Because you only count the days when you gave up; when life got too overwhelming and you couldn’t do it all.

So you started to lecture yourself, hoping it would motivate you. But it didn’t. At least not for long.

And that’s when you really started to beat up on yourself. Maybe even leaving real cuts and bruises.

But, in spite of everything you’ve tried, you're still stuck.

So you figure there’s something wrong with you: you're clearly not good enough, or strong enough, or smart enough to handle life like everyone else.

At some point, you started believing that you're too broken to ever feel normal. And now you wonder if things will ever get better or if you’ll be stuck like this forever.

I'm here to tell you that your problems are real. But it's not because you're weak. It's because you’re in survival.

If this feels like your life, you are likely suffering from Complex Trauma and I would be glad to help you on your healing journey.
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